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Brisbane label documents Brisbane’s Electronic Music History



"BNE" - celebrates 35 Years of Brisbane Independent Electronic Music


Dennis Remmer, co-owner of Brisbane record label Transmission Communications (aka Trans:Com), has spent the last two years researching Brisbane’s independent electronic music scene, from its beginnings circa 1979 to the present day.


Combined, the book and music archive provides electronic music lovers with a complete exploration of 35 years of Brisbane-based independent electronic music performance and production.


The BNE book includes comprehensive band histories, photos, cover art, event flyers, and scene insights. It is the most definitive archive of a city’s independent electronic music scene ever produced anywhere in the world.“This has been a massive undertaking, but an incredible journey of discovery. Brisbane has always been a unique and sometimes challenging place for artistic endeavour, particularly with respect to our city’s social, political and geographic context, and BNE captures the spirit of true innovation in the modern art form that is electronic music. There are some wonderful stories in BNE, but most importantly there is a lot of amazing music.” said BNE’s creator, Dennis Remmer.


Scheduled for release in August 2014 the BNE Deluxe Edition includes the 113-page “coffee table”-style book and 260-track USB music archive. A BNE Electronic Edition, with the eBook and an iTunes-based music archive, will also be made available.


The BNE book is incredibly detailed and is a definitive statement of artistic endeavour and cultural creativity from a scene that has flown “under the radar” for too long, in a city better known for its punk and alternative rock output. The book features extensive artist chronologies, history, and opinion and includes contributions from over 140 participants in the scene. See below for the full list.


BNE will be launched in conjunction with an exhibition and showcase event. Full details of this will be announced soon.


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The full list of bands and artists contributing to BNE includes:

8E38, AapogeE, Aeroplastic Voice, Airborne Toxic Event, alanrock, Alieonix, Alphanaut, Alternate Parallel Reality, Ande Foster, Andrew Tuttle, Anonymeye, Arundel, Ash in October, Atomic Beat Squad, Atomic Disease, Base-X, Benedict Roff-Marsh, BeXta, Bfffth, Biffplex, The Bind, Blood Party, Blunt Instrument, Boxcar, Brainbeau, Browning Mummery, Carl Heaton, Ching, CLOUT, Column 3-57, Crash Machine, Crib Sex, D-Ko, Dan Hack, Dance Theatre, Dataparty, David Corazza, Deepvivid, Dharma Buffer, Diaspora, Discount Adult Zone, Dizzygotheca, Dobie Gillis Experience, Dogmachine, Dot.AY, Dream Circle, Dust Storm Jogger, Eggo & Hot Pocket, Electropulse, Elroy 4.0, Eugene Carchesio, Face Invada, FiShHeaD, Genshen, Get the Girl, Glitch, Gridlock, Hans Freymadl, He Dark Age, Helium 3, Hot2Go, House Guests, Hunz, Hydatid, illuminati inc, In-Sync, Integer, Irena Xero, Ironing Music, The Isle, ismISM, Jandy Rainbow, Jen-E, John Watermann, John-e Xero, Kettle, The Kilgore Trout Combustion, Kunt, Lawrence English, Leighton Craig, Loveless, low key operations, lowkey+nude, Matt Mawson, Mega Drive Cartridge, The Megamen, Mekanoid, Michelle Xen, Mirko, Mister Morrow (Edwin), Molliger, Monster Zoku Onsomb, My Ninja Lover, nAM-sHUB oF eNKI, Now:Zero, Odd Harmonic, Operon, Ostia, Parade, Paramour, Pepe Lara, Peter Macpherson, Pinkenba, Ponyloaf, Poota, Pork, Pure Bunk, Re:Enactment, Reality Pixie, replikant, Retarded Mouse, Rose Carrousel, Ryddum Animal, Scozbor, Sek-Shun 426, Sexing The Cherry, Silent Shadow, Soma Rasa, Soundhive, Sphere, Spook, Squelch, Statler and Waldorf, Stormboy, Superfluid, T-Rage, Tainted Violets, Taiyo, Team Plastique, Tim Gruchy, Terry Murphy, Tycho Brahe, Vario Air, Velleity, Vertigo, Victor Xray, The Village Elephant, V.I.S.I, Vision Four 5, X in O, Xero, Zephyr Timbre, ZIP project, Zippy

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